The homeowners in Dallas spend an average of $2500 on their energy bills annually. And that’s a considerable amount. It is more surprising to know that more than half of their spending goes towards keeping their homes cold or warm. If you live in Dallas, which has a humid subtropical climate, you are likely to focus on keeping your home cool. Your AC needs to work continually to grant your wish of a cool and comfortable home. And it hurts your pocket without fail, sometimes through high energy bills, and at other times, through unexpected expenses of AC repair in Dallas. Like any other homeowner, if you want to save AC and money together, we have some great tips for you.

Keep Your Windows Covered and Keep Out Heat

Generally, every house has several windows for natural light and airflow. But as a homeowner with an AC, you want your windows to allow anything but heat. Thus, the only option you got is to seal your windows and keep light and hot air away from entering your house. The natural light and hot air warm up your home, and a hot interior gives a hard time for your air conditioner to cool the house. It results in the overworking of your air conditioner while affecting your AC and your pocket. Sealing the windows with curtains will be a lesser investment to save AC and money.

Operate Your Thermostat Smartly

The thermostat of your air conditioning system is the remote control of the device which instructs the system. And to maintain your home comfort consistently, you need to deal with your thermostat smartly. A thermostat setting can make or break all your efforts you are putting to save AC and money.

Set your thermostat at the temperature you find comfortable for your home. But you must remember that the less is the difference between the indoor and the outdoor temperature, the lower your overall cooling will be. Calling an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX, and installing a programmable thermostat is a wiser option, allowing you to automatically change the thermostat setting according to the weather without compromising with your comfort.

Use Fans Strategically

Your fans must not be out of use once you install an air conditioner in your house. In fact, they can help in your home cooling when used strategically. Fans can give a wind chill effect, and using your fans inside your house can help in dehumidifying your house. A dehumidified room cools faster than a room full of humidity. You can also use your bathroom and kitchen fans the same way for the dehumidifying purpose.

Keep the Cold Air From Leaking of Your Home

When it is about keeping your house cool and comfortable, you not only need to generate cold air but also store the cool air inside your home and prevent any leakages. If the cold air generated from your air conditioner is leaking out, your air conditioner will work continuously and still will fail to maintain comfort. Fixing any such leakages can help you save AC and money.

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