Wondering whether it’s normal for your air conditioner to run non-stop? Are you concerned that it would cause damage to your system? Well, here’s the thing! During summers, it is common for ACs to run continuously without cycling on and off frequently. Constant cooling not only dehumidifies your home efficiently but also cuts down the possibility of wear and tear caused by less starting and stopping of the system.

Air conditioners are designed to work for longer hours. When summers are at peak, your air conditioning system tries to maintain the desired temperature in response to the incoming heat. However, you should know when to be concerned about your AC’s constant cycling. Paying attention to certain signals would enable you to seek help from an HVAC contractor at the right time. Looking for a qualified vendor for air conditioning repair in Dallas TX would be a wise choice under such circumstances.

Warning Signs to Look For When Your Central Air Conditioner

Runs Constantly

You would have to be a little more observant towards your air conditioner to spot these early signs that point towards a problem with your central cooling system. If you are experiencing these problems mentioned below, perhaps it’s time to take your AC’s constant cycling issue more seriously.

● Your AC fails to reach thermostat temperature
● There’s a constant lack of comfort
● Unusually high energy bill
● Your air conditioner literally never stops

Problems That Can Cause Your AC to Run Constantly

The signs mentioned above can be an indicator of both a minor or major issue with your central cooling system. Before you reach a conclusion by yourself, let a certified HVAC technician diagnose the issue for you. Some of the issues behind the mentioned signs can be:

Too Small Air Conditioner

Every home requires a different size of the air conditioner. If your AC is undersized, the issue may cause it to run constantly in order to reach the desired temperature. The constant strain on your system can also result in the freezing of the evaporator coil. All you need to do to resolve this problem is allowing an HVAC technician to perform a heat load calculation at your home. This would help you find the right AC for your home.

Poor Air Flow

Dirty air filters and blocked vents are a few common reasons for poor or weak airflow. This makes your AC run constantly to keep up with providing enough air to cool your home. To resolve these issues, technicians trained for AC repair in Dallas would ensure that your air filters are clean; inspect your ducts for leakage, and inspect the supply vents.

Low Refrigerant

If your central air conditioning system is not producing cool air, it highlights a lower level of refrigerant. Similarly, a dirty evaporator coil may also prevent the inside unit from absorbing enough heat from the indoor environment. Therefore, you can get in touch with an AC contractor to have them check the refrigerant level and ensure that there is no leakage.

If the constant cycling of the air conditioner worries you, it wiser to get in touch with an HVAC technician to inspect your system. Dallas Air Solutions offers the best AC repair in Dallas. To request a service estimate, call (469) 226-9963.