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If we lived in a perfect world, there would be no such thing as an improperly installed AC system. But, the world we do live in is far from perfect and there are people who claim to be professionals that some poor souls call upon to install their new AC system.

In fact, according to some recent figures from the website energy.Gov up to 30% of your HVAC system’s efficiency can be reduced by improper installation. That calculates to your HVAC only running at 70% capacity. This only accomplishes two things. Your AC unit runs twice as hard to cool the required square footage and it also cuts down on the number of years of service for your AC system.

Go With a True Professional

Dallas Air Solutions owner Rick Figueroa did not grow his company from a start-up to a well known trusted HVAC business in less than 8 years by improperly installing AC units or any other facet of an HVAC system for that matter.

He grew this company by providing quality AC installations in Dallas, Desoto, and Cedar Hills Texas and their surrounding areas, one satisfied customer at a time.

Dallas Air Solutions is a Win-Win

Dallas Air Solutions foundation is on honest, reliable, professional service at a reasonable price. Factor that along with the 30% efficiency that you gain by having them install your AC system the proper way, and you have got yourself an honest to goodness win-win situation that benefits everybody involved!

Please contact us at Dallas Air Solutions and let us do what we do best, provide you with quality air solutions that you can rely on all at a reasonable price. Remember, at Dallas Air Solutions we are dedicated to your comfort.

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