5 Signs That You Must Change Your Air Filters Right Away!

Like every electronic device, your air conditioner needs to follow a unique maintenance schedule. It is hard to determine a particular time for every air conditioning repair in Dallas. Because the requirements of every system are different. There are myriad of factors which influence the time of an AC repair, such as:

  • Number of people in the house
  • Pollution in the area where the air conditioner is established
  • Number of pets in the house


Many homeowners find it difficult to fix the schedule which suits their specific needs. But if you can notice these 5 signs, you must consider that it’s the right time to change your air filters.

5 Signs That Imply That This Is the Right Time to Change the Air Filters

Your Unit Is Overheating

Overheating an AC unit is a common sign that your air filters are either clogged or excessively dirty. If your system’s outdoor unit starts getting too hot or starts expelling the hot air, those can be because of your air filters. If it’s been a long time since you have changed or cleaned your air filters, this is perhaps the best time to do that again.

The Surface Near the Vent Is Dirty

You can compare the surface immediately next to the vent and other surface areas to determine if your air filters are dirty. The dusty surface is a good indicator of old and dirty air filters. If the section near the vent seems visibly dusty, it is the best time to change your air filters.

You Can Experience Allergy Symptoms

People who suffer from allergies may need to change their air filters more frequently than others. Fresh and new air filters can save you from allergies. If someone begins to sniffle every time they enter the house, it is time to get rid of the dust and the pollen by replacing the air filters.

Your AC Failed the White Sheet Test

If you wonder what the white sheet test actually is, it’s a relatively simple method to determine how clean your air filter is. You can perform this test periodically. The test generally involves hanging a white sheet up 6 to 8 inches away from the vent and wait for some time. The greyer the sheet becomes, the dirtier is the air filters. You can change your air filters at home or can schedule an AC repair in Dallas for the task.

Your Electricity Bill Is Going Up

Dirty air filters make your system work harder than ever. Your air filters need to support your system endlessly. If you can experience a higher energy bill rising with time, that is probably because your air filters are excessively dirty. Clean them or replace them.

Dallas Air Solutions have certified and insured AC technicians to look at your air conditioning system. Keeping your air filters clean is a good investment. Not only it saves money and energy together, but it also impacts the health of your family. We are providing inexpensive and reliable air conditioning repair in Dallas to deliver you comfort all year long. Contact us now.